First Home Buyers

We totally get that building your first home is a big deal. It’s exciting and a bit scary too. But you can relax knowing we’re the first home specialists. That means we’re right by your side the whole way - guiding, inspiring and advising. Plus, we’ll take care of everything, so you can focus on your first home.


We’re Tick Homes. And we’re 100% geared around first home buyers. Let’s tick off a few reasons why. First up, we’ll have you walking through the front door of your new home in no time. Tick. We keep things simple. That’s a big tick. Plus building with us is an absolute blast. Mega big tick. But above all, we put you in complete control.

If we sound different to ‘other’ builders, it’s because we are in almost every way. Totally. They zig, we zag. For example: we’ve done away with expensive display homes. Gone! Also gone are overpriced add-ons. The result? Huge cost savings, a much simpler building process and an unbelievable customer experience. Then there is our absolute commitment to quality and our customers. We're here to get you into your first home - let's do this!

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