Meet our Team

Tick Homes is where industry experience meets innovation. We’ve brought together the best of the best to totally change the game. What are our credentials? Well, we’ve got Resimax Group behind us. (that’s serious industry-leading design, construction and business grunt.) Then we’ve got an awesome, dynamic team with a ton of home building experience in the driving seat. It’s a game-changer for first home buyers.


Meet James - they don't build 'em like this anymore


What makes us Tick

We’re here for first home buyers. And we’re here to do things better and differently. For example: we’ve done away with expensive display homes. Gone! And we’ve said a big ‘no’ to massive sales commissions. Also gone are offices full of people twiddling their thumbs.

We’ve also gotten rid of overpriced add-ons. Tick Homes’ options are realistically priced and carefully designed to suit first home buyers. The result? Huge cost savings and a much simpler building process. That’s a lot of wins. Then factor in our homes, designed by people who understand what you need and the win just gets bigger. And that’s just for starters – you’ll be winning all the way with Tick Homes.


Meet our team

Our team knows the home building game inside out. In fact, they’ve held senior roles with many of the market leaders before. And we’ll let you in on a secret: there isn’t really much difference between most of the major home builders. Pretty similar products, prices, choices and business structures.

Our guys knew there was a better way. And they’ve come together to make it happen with Tick Homes. It’s ‘game on’ for first home buyers.


Darren is our Chief Operating Officer and over the years he’s helped grow some of the most successful home builders out there. Darren knows the ‘old’ building game inside out and he understands what first home buyers want. He also knows that the best way to predict the future is to create it. Which is what he’s doing with Tick Homes. Darren’s fierce focus is on delivering better homes, providing an awesome customer experience and unlocking housing affordability.


Say hello to James, our Building Manager. During his career James has built thousands of homes with the same level of care he’d put into his own. Like Darren, James cut his teeth with some Australia’s leading home builders. He also realised that homes could be built ‘better and smarter’. James’ focus is on making that happen, so first home buyers can minimise the time they pay rent and mortgage simultaneously. Lastly, James is a builder’s builder, so he has a laser eye for details, standards and quality.


Meet Amy, our head of Operations. She has many years of experience working at major home builders juggling the cost-value equation. Amy is the vital link between our operations and the construction teams. She negotiates the best possible deals with suppliers too. And then she passes all the savings back to our first home buyers. Amy also streamlines our processes and reduces complexity, which ensures that everything runs smoothly without sacrificing quality.

Our partners are all quality

We know the importance of having quality partners. It’s a non-negotiable for us. That’s why we’ve teamed up with respected names like Monier Roof Tiles, Carpet Call, Reece Plumbing, Beaumont Tiles, Selkirk Bricks, Laminex, Caesarstone, Southern Star Windows & Doors and Taubmans Paints. No obscure no-name brands - just quality from start to finish.

We’ve turned homebuilding on its head.
We were super proud to be named Game Changer of the Year by for our Tick Space. This award recognises that our reimagining of the home building journey, has put our customers first. It also means we’ve ‘killed the display home’ and delivered an amazing customer experience. Check out Tick Space for yourself, you’ll be blown away.


The company we keep

The architecture and design of our homes is handled by Hachem Architects and Archtek Design. Both are recognised industry leaders.

That means inspired design coupled with floorplans that are all about liveability and intelligent use of space.