Your rent becomes your deposit!

Do you dream of owning your own home, but saving for your deposit seems impossible? If you answered yes to this, Firstly is your way to home ownership!


Get moving!

Firstly is only for first home buyers. It’s also totally different from anything else out there. Basically, you start out by renting in one of our awesome communities. And while you’re busy living your life Firstly quietly works its magic, accumulating your deposit and getting your first home built. Then, you just move from the rental to your brand-new home down the road. Of course, a bunch of great benefits and important stuff like finance and approvals are seamlessly built in.

What truly makes Firstly unique is Resimax Group’s extended family of brands, companies and services. And they all come together effortlessly as Firstly. We have the rental properties. The finance people. Quality master-planned communities. And of course, Tick – your awesome builder. Then it’s all stitched together by our vision, passion and 100% commitment to back it in for first home buyers. Contact us to find out if Firstly is right for you!