Why Tick?

Here at Tick Homes, we're big on doing things differently. Not different for the sake of it, but different because there's a much better way to go about it. All of our experience and energy goes into making that happen in every way. We're proud that we're revolutionising the home building journey with our approach. And that means the whole experience is one amazing ride where you're in total control. Let's do this!

We’re Not Like Other Builders

Welcome to Tick Space

Zero BS, No Pressure

There’s no hard sell or pressure around here. And we have a strict ‘no BS rule’ too.
That means no jargon, no over-sell and no smoke and mirrors. Say goodbye to fine print, dodgy clauses and jumping through hoops too. Everything is simple, up-front and authentic.

100% Fixed Price

Our prices are totally fixed. They don’t rise, contain unexpected surprises or have a list of exclusions. There’s no fine print either. Our prices are set in concrete. And they contain all site costs, developer guidelines and council requirements. Everything. And that’s 100% peace of mind.

Exceptional Quality & Service

We build all our homes with the same level of care as if they were our own. No corners cut.
No inferior materials used. It’s quality all the way. Our quality assurance program guarantees that. At the heart of that is our service mantra, of always putting the customer at the centre of all we do.

Premium Partner Brands

We know the importance of having quality partners. It’s a non-negotiable for us. That’s why we’ve teamed up with the most respected and best quality brands in the building industry.
No no-name brands – just quality from start to finish. And every brand’s stood the test of time.

Simple As

We’ve made the home building journey nice and simple. With us, it’s an easy four-step process where everything is made crystal clear. What’s more, you’re in complete control the whole time. How refreshingly simple is that?

Flying Start

Once your land is titled, we want to make sure your journey into your new home is as easy and quick as possible. We understand that building a new home means time is money. Your money. So we will do everything we can to get you off to a flying start and into your new home quick smart.

Building With the Best

There’s nothing worse than paying rent and a mortgage at the same time. That’s why we always aim to improve efficiencies, streamline our processes and partner with quality suppliers to provide you with a timely build.

Rock Solid Guarantee

We stand by all our homes with a 20-year guarantee against any structural defects. Forget the normal industry guarantees, this is the real deal. Because we build right the first time, and only use the best materials, our homes stand the test of time.