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Fast and quality all the way: this is the way we build

Since launching earlier this year, we’ve been kept amazingly busy. We’re happy to report that we’ve just handed over the keys to the very first Tick home. And we couldn’t be prouder either. Chief Operating Officer of Tick Homes, Darren Mehl, explains, “to see so many people embrace Tick Homes and this exciting new way of building has been both humbling and exciting. We pride ourselves on delivering both quality and affordability, and these first homes are a testament to that.”

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That commitment extends to an express build program that guarantees a Tick single storey home will be finished within 18 weeks. In fact, the first Tick homes were constructed well inside the guaranteed time. Darren Mehl continues, “our customers are loving the fact they can get into their homes so quickly… It’s all thanks to improved efficiencies, our experienced construction crews and premium supply partners…. We’re all about building smarter and upholding the highest quality standards.”

Quality is at the forefront of everything Tick Homes does. No corners are cut. No short-cuts are taken. And James Farrar, Building Manager, ensures that every home is built as if it were his own. James is a building veteran with over 15 years’ experience at leading building companies. Known for his experience and attention to detail, James takes absolute pride in every home built on his watch.

We’re super proud of our quality homes and that our customers can take possession in record time. It’s a massive win-win. With the first Tick homes now completed, and many more currently under construction, we’re looking forward to more people discovering that ‘fast and quality all the way is the how we build at Tick Homes’.

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