We don’t set out to attract media attention. But sometimes it just happens. Whenever it does, we’ll publish it right here, so you can see what other folks are saying about us.


It’s official, Tick Homes is a game changer!

At the 2018 REA ( Excellence Awards, Tick Homes was awarded the coveted ‘Game Changer’ award for our Tick Space experience centre. Dubbed the ‘display home killer’, Tick Space has everything home buyers need under one big roof.

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Elevator Pitch: Resimax's Steve Hooker

Yep, that’s Steve Hooker, our CEO and champion of first home buyers. Steve is featured in Life Hackers’ Elevator Pitch where he shares his thoughts on a range of things. From the development of Tick Homes, to the best advice he was ever given, it’s a cracking read.

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Vaulting into property

Our CEO, Steve Hooker, has been getting some serious time in the Sun. Not that sun, the Herald Sun. And it’s all great news for first homebuyers. The Tick Space experience centre has recently opened, and it’s totally changed the game. Not only does it streamline the whole buying process, it provides an incredibly empowering and immersive experience. Just like Steve, everyone at Resimax is right behind Tick Homes and 100% committed to first homebuyers.

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First buyers' one-stop shop

More time in the Sun!

Yay, Tick Homes is in the news again. Many thanks to our friends at the Herald Sun for the huge write-up on the weekend. We're only a few months young, but we're proud to have helped so many people get that first home feeling. Check out the article here.

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