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Signs you're ready to buy

You think you're ready to take the leap, but how do you know for sure?

Our Property Firsts survey revealed the most common times and reasons people decided they were ready to buy a home. But a number of them said they'd do more homework and get more advice if they had a do over.

These seven signs will help you determine if you're really ready to buy your first home. 

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If you pass the test and you think you're maybe ready to buy, book an appointment to visit the Tick Experience Centre. Our experts will double check, take you through your options and see what's possible!

About the author

Darren Mehl is Chief Operating Officer for Resimax Group and its house of brands. An industry stalwart, he has held senior roles at Metricon and Carlisle Homes. Darren has worked closely in the first home buyer market, delivering initiatives that assist this complex and competitive demographic. A passionate advocate for customer-centric business, Darren is experienced in all facets of property.

Darren Mehl

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